How is my membership billed?

Membership fees are charged monthly to your bank account (preferred) or to your credit/debit card.  Payment is due before or on the date of service.  If your bank account has not been verified and payment made by your first visit, you will be asked to pay via credit or debit card on the day you are seen.  

What is not covered by my membership fee?

  • Medications/prescriptions

  • Specialty visits, hospital stays, ER visits, urgent care visits, etc: Any medical services from other medical providers will be billed to your insurance by those providers.

  • Out-of-office procedures, imaging, or labs.

What is your position on vaccines?

We encourage all of our families to vaccinate their children according to the schedule recommended by the AAP and the ACIP.   We believe that vaccines are modern medicine's most important contribution to both the health of individuals and populations.  However, we respect a parent's right to make medical decisions for their children, and will work with families who do not desire to vaccinate, or who desire to follow an alternative vaccine schedule, after we have been able to discuss their concerns together.  

Do you administer vaccines?  

Yes. families may choose to be billed at provider cost+ 5% to cover for clinic acquisition, storage and administration costs. an invoice will be provided for submission to private insurances for reimbursement as an out of network expense. patients with insurance who are 7+ years old are encouraged to use a local pharmacy that bills their insurance directly.

patients who are uninsured, underinsured or qualify for the vaccines for children (VFC) program will be encouraged to get their vaccines at their local County Health Department.  


yes, you do. Radiance Pediatrics does not provide health insurance for your child. It is recommended that you maintain health insurance for your child in the event of a catastrophic medical event. We suggest choosing a PPO plan. this will allow us to coordinate your care best and you will not need referrals for specialists. HMO plans may refuse to pay for any services or prescriptions not ordered by an in-network physician.

Do You Take Medicaid or Insurance?

NO. We do not bill insurance for care at Radiance Pediatrics. Specialists visits, prescriptions, labs and x-rays can be billed through your insurance by those clinics/service providers.

By LAW, radiance pediatrics canNOT CURRENTLY receive payment on behalf of medicaid patients. Please contact us to be added to our waiting list so you can be notified as soon as we are able to enroll medicaid patients*.

*once medicaid patients are eligible to enroll, they will sign a private pay agreement that states they will pay for services directly and not submit bills to Medicaid for reimbursement.

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